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New street parking rates take effect in Seattle on Monday

The city said parking rates tend to increase in areas with high demand and decrease in areas where spots are easier to find.

SEATTLE — The City of Seattle officially updated street parking rates in a number of zones across the city on Monday, as well as event parking rates near Climate Pledge Arena.

The majority of the changes are a 50-cent-per-hour increase in popular spots like Ballard, Capitol Hill and Fremont. Quite a few zones are seeing a 50-cent decrease per hour due to lesser demand in Belltown, the commercial core and South Lake Union.

The Seattle Department of Transportation said the rates are seasonally adjusted based on data from each paid parking area in the city and contrasted with “performance metric targets” for occupancy of paid spaces.

SDOT aims to have one to two spots available on each block at any given time. A higher occupancy rate shows high demand and thus can trigger a rate increase to try and open up spaces. A parking occupancy rate below 70%, on the other hand, highlights lower demand and tends to be followed by a rate decrease.

For event parking near Climate Pledge Arena, the rate will change to $4 an hour for the first two hours and $10 per hour for the next three hours. This is a $1-an-hour increase in the first two hours and a $2-per-hour increase in the next three hours. SDOT said this is in response to high demand on event days along paid parking blocks.

Event rates in the Uptown Triangle neighborhood, however, will remain at the $3-per-hour rate for the first two hours and $8-per-hour for the next three hours.

See the full updated parking rates from SDOT below.

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