One Of Angus Cloud’s Final Films Is Trending On Netflix

“Your Lucky Day” features Cloud in one of his last roles before his death in July 2023, and it’s nice to see this posthumous appearance in a film that not only won over critics but seemingly has the streaming crowds transfixed. Sitting at 86% on Rotten Tomatoes, “Your Lucky Day” has managed to remain in the U.S. Netflix Top 10 charts since its debut, according to streaming data aggregator FlixPatrol. The movie hit the number nine spot on March 12, 2024, before confidently climbing to number 6 by March 14. Since then, it’s slipped to seventh position, where it sits at the time of writing, but is still managing to maintain its Top 10 status.

Though it’s true that Netflix’s viewing metrics aren’t all that clear, and the Top 10 website was initially created to distract from that fact, “Your Lucky Day” isn’t just another generic streaming movie designed to numb your brain for a couple of hours. Unlike when Kevin Hart’s “Lift” topped the charts in January, or when that Spanish slasher “Killer Book Club” won over Netflixers despite abject reviews, “Your Lucky Day” actually has some layers to it, and seems to have won over streaming audiences with its tense, twist-filled narrative before revealing some fairly overt cultural critique. Daniel Brown’s film takes on issues of class and inequality, exploring how the promise of financial freedom affects the choices made by those trapped in a life-or-death situation while being held in the convenience store.

So, whether you’re in the mood to watch an actually decent Netflix film or a fan of the late Angus Cloud and want the bittersweet experience of once again witnessing his incredible potential, then “Your Lucky Day” is definitely worth a watch.

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