Pope’s Critics Feel the Sting After His Patience Runs Out
Fears Grow Over Fate of Bibas Family in Gaza
Gaza Mediators Seek Cease-Fire Extension
London’s Black Cabs Can Soon Join Uber. But Will They?

Despite Bans, Disabled Women Are Still Being Sterilized in Europe

Decisions like these, involving people who almost certainly cannot give express consent, hang over the sterilization debate. Katrin Langensiepen, a German politician and one of the few visibly disabled members of the European Parliament, is pushing for a strict Europewide ban on nonconsensual sterilization. Many of history’s notorious eugenics practices, she said, were justified as…

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Kyiv Hit by Drone Attack Wave

Russia launched a huge drone attack at Kyiv, the Ukrainian capital, before dawn on Saturday, sending wave after wave of crewless aircraft packed with explosives toward a city that is home to around three million people. The Ukrainian Air Force said that the attack had featured “a record number” of one-way attack drones, an estimated…

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