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A dedicated watch bar to women’s sports is opening in south Minneapolis

MINNEAPOLIS — It’s a first-of-its-kind sports bar in the Twin Cities. Similarly to others, it will have plenty of seating with a view of a TV from any angle, but what makes this bar unique: every TV will be dedicated to showing women’s sports.

Owner Jillian Hiscock is calling it “A Bar Of Their Own,” which is a nod to the 1992 hit movie, “A League of their Own.” 

It’s a movie about the first all-women’s baseball league in America with themes that match the mission of this new sports bar.

“I think it’s this idea that people are consistently counting women out and we’re used to being an afterthought in so many different things and this is our chance to say, ‘We’re tired of that. We want to be prioritized,'” Hiscock said.

Hiscock recently solidified the building for “A Bar Of Their Own.” It’s the former Tracy’s Saloon and Eatery in the Seward neighborhood of South Minneapolis, off Franklin Avenue.

I knew it was the spot. It just felt right. It has this right cozy feeling that we want,” Hiscock said.

Hiscock’s goal with creating this bar is to give women’s sports fans free, easy access to the games and to be able to watch the games together with their community. It’s has a lot of local professional sports teams very excited and hopes this build on their fan bases.

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“What an honor to have a place like this where we can direct our fans to watch our games,” said Jessica Poole, the President and Chief Operating Officer of the Minnesota Aurora USL W Soccer League. “It’s going to really be awesome to be having this conversation in 5 years and taking a look at the demographics of women’s sports, because I think there’s been a shift, we’re in the middle of a shift, and it’s going to be really cool.”

Hiscock says their bar is for everyone and fans of every women’s sport, as they will also show sports that don’t get as much attention as the WNBA.

“We’re going to have roller derby, we’re going to have ultimate frisby, we’re going to have all different types of things to expose folks to the sports out there,” Hiscock said.

“A Bar of Their Own” plans to open in early March, ideally by the time the Women’s Big 10 basketball tournament starts here in Minneapolis

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