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Alaska Airlines flight windshield cracks in decent to Portland

Alaska Airlines Flight 9, a Boeing 737-800, was travelling from the Washington D.C. region to Portland when the plane’s inner windshield cracked during descent.

PORTLAND, Ore. — An Alaska Airlines flight landed safely in Portland after the plane’s inner windshield cracked during descent Sunday evening.

Alaska Airlines Flight 9, a Boeing 737-800, was travelling from the Washington D.C. region out of the Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport. No injuries were reported. 

Alaska Airlines said that all of its 737 fleet have five-layer windscreens that have an outer pane, three inner layers and an inner pane. 

“If an inner pane cracks, the other pane and layers can maintain cabin pressure,” Alaska Airlines said in a statement. 

The plane will now be inspected and repaired before going back into service, Alaska Airlines said. 

On Friday, a Boeing 737-800 was found to have a missing panel after a United Airlines flight arrived in southern Oregon from San Francisco. The plane landed without incident and the external panel was discovered missing during a post-flight inspection. The Federal Aviation Administration said it would investigate the incident. 

In early March, fumes detected in the cabin of a Boeing 737-800 Alaska Airlines flight caused a flight destined for Phoenix to return to the Portland airport. The Port of Portland said passengers and crew noticed the fumes and the flight landed safely. Seven people including passengers and crew requested medical evaluations, but no one was hospitalized, officials said.

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