All 7 Transformer Types Found In The Movie Franchise

The Transformers franchise has featured many characters, and all the types of Transformers robots in the universe remain iconic. Paramount launched its live-action Transformers movie franchise in 2007 with Michael Bay directing the film. The movie took its time introducing audiences to the idea of transforming robots by focusing on its human characters first. However, once the Transformers characters based on Hasbro’s popular toys showed up, the franchise continued to expand the mythology associated with the aliens.

For as much attention as Optimus Prime and Bumblebee receive in the many Transformers movies, they are only two characters who are part of a single faction of Transformers. The movies have introduced several different groups as the sequels have been released. Transformers: Rise of the Beasts even plays a massive role in expanding the reach of the Transformers by introducing new types of robots that each have specific histories. These are all seven Transformers types featured in the Transformers movie franchise so far.

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