Alyssa Raghu denies hijacking friend’s ‘American Idol’ audition, slams show’s ‘harmful’ edit

“American Idol” contestant Alyssa Raghu is speaking out against the way her latest appearance on the show was edited, alleging the episode helped to perpetuate a sexist and “harmful” narrative.

In a TikTok posted after Sunday’s episode of “American Idol,” Raghu denied hijacking her best friend’s audition and said it was “really disappointing” that the singing competition show portrayed a “false narrative of betrayal” and pitted “two female friends against each other, seemingly for the sake of ratings and drama.” She alleged the edit was rooted in sexism and argued that the situation would not have happened “had I been a male artist.”

USA TODAY has reached out to representatives for “American Idol” for comment.

Sunday’s episode of “American Idol” featured the audition of Julia Davo, a 20-year-old waitress from Brooklyn. She said she was encouraged to try out by her best friend and roommate, Raghu, who previously competed on the show in 2018 and 2019. “She’s so supportive, and she told me she thinks I would be great for the show,” Davo said.

Alyssa Raghu argued the latest episode of "American Idol" was edited to create a false and harmful narrative.
Alyssa Raghu argued the latest episode of “American Idol” was edited to create a false and harmful narrative.

Davo ultimately earned two “no” votes from judges Katy Perry and Luke Bryan, although Lionel Richie voted “yes” and compared her to a young Lady Gaga. Raghu, who was waiting outside, subsequently came into the room. In a surprising twist, Raghu then auditioned herself and impressed the judges, earning two “yes” votes and a ticket to Hollywood just minutes after her friend was rejected.

‘American Idol’: Past contestant Alyssa Raghu hijacks best friend’s audition to snag a golden ticket

But in her TikTok video, Raghu argued the way the episode was edited was misleading. She said “American Idol” producers invited her to the set as a guest after Davo mentioned her name during the pre-audition process, and Davo encouraged her to have a song ready in case the judges asked her to perform.

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