An Italian jailed for 33 years for a triple crime he did not commit has been acquitted: “I don’t feel hatred”

The Court of Appeals of Rome acquitted a man who had spent 33 years in prison, wrongfully sentenced to life imprisonment for a triple homicide that occurred in 1991. “This is the end of a nightmare,” said an emotional Beniamino Zuncheddu, after the court’s decision to drop the charges against him.

The former pastor, 58 years old, has been free since November 25, when the same court suspended the sentence that has now been approved after several testimonies showed that the investigation during the events was manipulated by a police officer. .

The triple crime happened on January 8, 1991, when they shot dead in the sheepfold Gesuino Fadda, 56 years old; his son Giuseppe, 24; and his employee Ignazio Pusceddu, 55.

Fadda’s son-in-law, Luigi Pinna, 29, was seriously injured and became the only witness to the so-called matanza of Sinnaithe mountainous area in the province of Cagliari where the triple homicide occurred.

During the trial, the attorney general, Francesco Piantoni, credibility is questioned from the testimony of Pinna, who during the events accused Zuncheddu, although he always declared himself innocent.

And in one of the hearings Pinna confessed: 33 years ago, before “identifying the suspects, the police officer who led the investigation showed me the photo of Zuncheddu and told me that he was the cause of massacre. I was wrong by listening to the wrong person.

From the beginning, the investigators focused on disputes between ranchers in the area that caused the murder, because of some incidents that happened before the triple crime, especially the killing of some animals, as well as disputes between ranchers.

Zuncheddu, who is 27 years old, was arrested a few days ago, when a judicial trial began for him that ended last night, after almost 33 years in prison.

This is “the biggest judicial error in the history of the republic. Almost 33 years behind bars, 12,000 days of deprivation, suffering, pain, distance from his loved ones and his life ,” according to (, which talks about the miscarriage of justice and is in the appeal process.

“I feel no hatred”

Zuncheddu assured that he “didn’t” feel “hate” because “judges make mistakes,” but he felt that he “They stole everything” after spending more than half of his life in prison. “I want to have a family, build something, be a free citizen like everyone else. 30 years ago I was young, now I’m old. They stole everything from me. Now I can rest, at least mentally,” he said in a press conference hours after the acquittal sentence.

“I feel like a caged bird. I looked at their faces and wondered why. Even now I don’t understand why,” although “I never feel hatred or anger” because “judges make mistakes,” he told the media.

“In prison they always told me: if you repent we will give you freedom. But what do I regret if I didn’t do anything? Do not accept“, he explained, before thanking “the radical party, those who surround me, my family, my people, Burcei”, whose parish priest, after the sentence, rang the bells.

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