Charlotte Amelia

U.S. to begin airdropping aid into Gaza

U.S. to begin airdropping aid into Gaza – CBS News Watch CBS News President Biden announced Friday that the U.S. will begin airdropping humanitarian aid into the besieged Gaza Strip. The United Nations says the territory is on the brink of famine. Weijia Jiang has more from the White House. Be the first to know…

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A Willy Wonka “immersive experience” turned out to be a partially decorated warehouse. Some parents were so angry, they called the police.

Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory is a magical, colorful place with a chocolate river, edible flowers and Oompa Loompas bustling about. But a “Willy Wonka” event in Glasgow, Scotland, that was billed as an immersive experience turned out to be less than stellar. In fact, when some ticket holders showed up with their kids, they called…

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Researchers found a new species in the waters off of the U.K. — but they didn’t realize it at first

A new species of sea slug has been discovered off the waters of the U.K. Researchers with Centre for the Environment, Food and Aquaculture Science said they originally thought it was a well-known species, Pleurobranchaea meckeli, found near Spain and the Mediterranean Sea – but they weren’t sure. There were no previous records of this type…

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