Baltimore Key Bridge collapse latest news and what we know

Moore said he has met and prayed with the families of the six construction workers who are missing and feared dead following the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge yesterday.

Speaking on NBC’s “TODAY” show this morning, he said these were “people who simply just went to work yesterday to work on potholes.”

“They had no idea that them going to work was gonna turn to a deadly occurrence,” he said.

He continued: “They they were fathers, they were sons, they were husbands, They were people who their families relied on.”

Moore said he told the families he would put every available resource into the search and rescue mission, which has since been called off.

“But now that we’ve transitioned to a recovery mission, I’m going to make sure that we’re going to put every possible resource to bring a sense of closure to these families,” he said.

Moore echoed the words of Baltimore Mayor Brandon M. Scott who yesterday called the law enforcement officers who stopped traffic on both sides of the bridge “heroes.”

“This was true heroism,” Moore said, adding that countless lives were saved. “You know, when we say that that we are, we are Maryland tough and we are Baltimore strong.”

Moore added that a warning was sent to the workers on the bridge. It remains unclear how or why they were still on the bridge at the time of the collision.

“It unfolded in seconds, minutes, as we well know,” he added.

Moore would not speculate on how long it might take for a new bridge to be built, but declared: “We are going to get this done.”

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