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The Sheen Stimulus

$1,845: Estimated price of dinner for nine at Daniel, where on October 25, Sheen, three buddies, and five women, including ex-wife Denise Richards and escort–porn star Christina Walsh (a.k.a. Capri Anderson), enjoy dinner in a private room.

$11,800: Price for two bottles of the 1959 Grand Vin de Château Latour that Sheen orders for the group.

Illustrations by Jacob Thomas

$3,500: “Appearance fee” for Walsh’s escort services for the evening. (Walsh claims she was never paid.)

$1,195: Estimated cost per night of Sheen’s suite in the Plaza Hotel. Walsh tells Good Morning America that Sheen’s friend told her to “make sure [Charlie] gets up to his room and stays in there.”

$80: Estimated price of a gram bag of a certain “white powdery substance.” Walsh claims she saw Sheen snort said “white powdery substance.”

$7,000: Reported amount Sheen had to pay the Plaza for the damage to his room. Walsh says Sheen put his hands around her neck and threw a lamp at her as she made a motion to leave. According to a complaint Sheen filed against Walsh, Walsh had stolen his watch, and Sheen became “extremely upset.” Walsh then reportedly locked herself in the bathroom and called a friend who was “working” in the hotel. The friend phoned the front desk. The front desk called the cops.

$2,350: Cost of two adjoining suites across the hall, where Sheen’s daughters and Richards slept.

SUBTOTAL: $27,770

+ $165,000: Price of Sheen’s lost Patek Philippe watch, according to Sheen’s lawsuit. We’re assuming he bought a new one.

TOTAL: $192,770
(“A guy has one bad night, everyone goes insane,” Sheen says two weeks later.)

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