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RAIPUR: Chhattisgarh’s chief minister loves to play the online game ‘Candy Crush,’ and it’s his favorite. The CM reacted mockingly to a BJP leader’s criticism when a candid photo of him playing the game on his mobile phone was circulated on social media.
The CM was seen playing ‘Candy Crush while sitting beside AICC general secretary and state in-charge Kumari Selja during the state election committee meeting in the state capital.

CWC focus on upcoming state assembly and 2024 LS elections: Chhattisgarh CM Bhupesh Baghel

BJP’s national IT in-charge, Amit Malviya, sarcastically commented on the photo, to which the CM replied, “It’s my favorite game, and I have crossed considerable levels too.” A picture and video were shared on social media showing the chief minister playing the online game during a video conference of the Congress party’s election committee meant to discuss and finalize the list of contesting candidates for the upcoming assembly elections in the state.
Sharing the picture, BJP IT cell’s national in-charge, Amit Malviya, said on X, “Chhattisgarh’s Chief Minister is worried, as he knows he wouldn’t be able to retain power no matter how hard he tries. Maybe that’s why he chose to play ‘Candy Crush’ instead of focusing on the Congress’ candidate selection meeting.”
In response to the comment, the chief minister playfully replied, “BJP had problems when I participated in the ‘gedi’ (bamboo stick) race, then they objected when I spun tops and played ‘gilli-danda,’ and they questioned us for organizing Chhattisgariya Olympics. Yesterday, they got a photo of me playing the ‘Candy Crush’ game before a meeting, and the BJP has a complaint about that too. The point is, they have a problem with my existence. But it’s the people of Chhattisgarh who will decide who will continue and not.”

The CM added, “I will walk the ‘gedi’ and play ‘gilli-danda,’ and ‘Candy Crush’ is also my favorite. I have crossed a good number of levels in the game, and it will go on. As for the rest, Chhattisgarh knows whom to bless.”
Continuing the discussion, BJP’s national vice president and former chief minister, Raman Singh, replied to Baghel’s post, stating, “Bhupesh ji, for the past five years, you have only been ‘playing’ in the state. From land scams, coal scams, and sand scams to liquor scams. Since the code of conduct has been enforced, you can’t play the scam game, so why not Candy Crush? It’s amazing that you have reached level 4400 of Candy Crush in the past five years while your government is at level ‘420.’ Don’t worry; you will be playing this game only after November 17.”
Speaking to reporters, CM Baghel said, “Is it a crime to play candy crush? I don’t take tension and I have always been active in playing games. BJP gets active when elections come. After dinner, I play candy crush everyday. Yesterday, Maharaj Saab (deputy chief minister T S Singhdeo) had invited us for dinner and after that I went to meeting, and before the meeting started I was playing the game, and stopped as soon as the meeting started. What’s the problem in playing candy crush when I have been into sports of all kinds? There’s no crime in a bit of entertainment.”

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