Bigg Boss Telugu 7 Update: Pallavi Prashanth becomes the first captain of the season

The suspense over the first captain of Bigg Boss Telugu season 7 is over. Pallavi Prashanth became the first captain of this season’s Bigg Boss Telugu.

The final competition – Rangu Padudi (Holi task) happened in a very intense mode as all four finalists gave their best to win the task. Priyanka Jain acted as Sanchalak for this task. After the first buzzer, Priyanka gave a ruling of eliminating Sandeep from the game.

This decision didn’t go well with Sandeep, and he started protesting against Priyanka’s decision. This decision triggered Sandeep, and he alleged Pallavi Prashanth slapped him during the task. Prashanth didn’t agree to the allegations of Sandeep, and Shivaji was seen supporting Prashanth. These developments led to the confrontation between Gautham and Sandeep. They both accused each other of planning group strategy in the task.
Meanwhile, Priyanka changed her decision and gave a ruling to eliminate Teja from the task. This decision caused a huge uproar in the house, and Teja also didn’t agree with this ruling. However, he left the game by honoring Sanchalak’s decision.
Later, Sandeep got eliminated from the game as he went out of the circle. It made Pallavi Prashanth and Gautham fight for the captaincy task in the final round. These both have given their best and almost this turned out as a physical battle.
After the last buzzer, Priyanka declared Pallavi Prashanth as the winner of this task. By winning this task, Pallavi Prashanth became the first captain of the Bigg Boss Telugu season 7.
Before this task, the letter task related to Sandeep-Amardeep and Shivaji-Pallavi Prashanth was telecasted. Amardeep sacrificed his letter and let Sandeep reach the finals. After this, Shivaji sacrificed his letter and it led Pallavi Prashanth to reach the finals.
Lastly, the fifth week of Bigg Boss Telugu 7 was almost finished. The audience is eagerly waiting for the weekend episodes, as Nagarjuna hinted at a surprise on the weekend.

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