BJP targets AAP over arrests in excise case

NEW DELHI: BJP on Friday claimed that the arrests of AAP leaders had shown that the party was synonymous with corruption. The arrests had come as a “food for thought” for the citizens that it was not the time for experimental politics, it said.
At a press conference, BJP MP Sudhanshu Trivedi said, “The court is saying that with the kind of evidence that has come, it is necessary to keep them in custody and do an inquiry. AAP, which had come to power claiming to establish politics of values, appears to have become a valueless party. Delhi’s public is feeling deceived today.”
The BJP spokesperson claimed that the character of AAP was being torn to shreds now. “First, their minister, Satyendar Jain, went to jail on charges of corruption and did not get bail from the court. Then deputy CM Manish Sisodia went to jail. Now, the leader of the parliamentary party, Sanjay Singh, is on remand on charges of corruption. Corruption is becoming common in AAP,” he said.
He cited a Delhi court’s observations that the material placed before it nowhere showed that Rajya Sabha MP Sanjay Singh’s arrest in the excise policy case was unwarranted and unreasonable, as he slammed AAP’s condemnation of the action against its leader. “Those who speak of having new experiences in politics … it is no more the era of experimental politics. India is emerging strongly on the world stage to play a new role,” Trivedi said, claiming that AAP has shown how tragic and dangerous such experiences could become.

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