Chris Hemsworth Completely Improvised One Of Thor’s Funniest Moments

Look, there are more than enough examples of MCU jokes that didn’t age well, and it’s easy to criticize the MCU’s attempts at humor when their latest paltry offerings can’t seem to tell a decent story. But that doesn’t mean there haven’t been some amusing comedic moments throughout the franchise — a lot of which were completely improvised.

Most recently, we had Chris Pratt delivering the MCU’s first F-bomb with an impromptu line in “Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol 3.” But there’s a long history of improv in the saga. A quirky line in “Avengers: Infinity War,” for example, came from actors Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans, who decided during filming that Thor and Captain America’s reunion should come with a few good-natured barbs thrown in. This wasn’t Hemsworth’s first time improvising on-set, either. As Kevin Feige told Gizmodo back in 2017, the Aussie actor’s penchant for comedic improv actually formed the basis of the third Thor movie, “Thor: Ragnarok”:

“With [‘Ragnarok’], [director] Taika [Waititi] takes a little page out of the little moments in the other Thor films where [Chris] Hemsworth is funny. [Saying] ‘Another!’ in the first ‘Thor’ movie. Him, which was his idea and his improv, hanging his hammer on a coat hook in ‘The Dark World,’ and that continued with some of the things he did in Age of Ultron.”

The moment Feige refers to in “Thor: The Dark World” comes when Thor, in full costume and carrying his hammer, Mjolnir, enters an apartment and hangs his enchanted implement on a rack alongside some very normal-looking coats and hats. It seems this whole thing was Hemsworth just riffing in the moment, hinting at the more comedic route his character would take going forward.

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