Consulate: ‘Where is CCP?’ Man crashes car into Chinese consulate in US, shot dead

NEW DELHI: The San Francisco police on Monday shot dead a man who crashed his car into the Chinese consulate, authorities said.
According to Kathryn Winters, the spokesperson for the San Francisco Police Department, the driver crashed into the lobby area of the Consulate General of China, which handles visas.
The police who were there on the site responded immediately and confronted the driver in the lobby, shooting the person, Winters said, and added that the hospital pronounced him dead after the person was taken to the hospital, CNN reported.
After the incident, the spokesperson held a news conference but didn’t give any information about the incident or the motive behind the crash.
However, the spokesperson released a statement saying the crash caused “serious damage” to the building and put people in “serious threat” of being injured or killed.
The statement added the consulate “strongly condemns” the incident and called for an investigation to be “carried out expeditiously and dealt with seriously in accordance with the law.”
Videos recorded by witness Sergii Molchanov show people running past a blue car smashed against a wall inside the consulate, which is scattered with debris.
“I was inside waiting for my turn to submit the documents for my visa and suddenly a car in full speed crashed via the main door and hit the wall, just 2 (meters) from where I was sitting,” Molchanov told CNN.
According to Molchanov, the driver exited the car shouting, “Where is CCP?” — an apparent reference to the Chinese Communist Party. The driver then started to fight with security guards, he said.
“Terrified visitors, including myself, ran and then police arrived,” Molchanov added, noting he heard two gunshots.
San Francisco police said they and officials from the US State Department are working with the Chinese consulate.
The consulate is located in the city’s Japantown area, several blocks northeast of The Painted Ladies, a row of colorful Victorian homes that is a popular attraction in the Bay Area city.
Winters said authorities are working to determine what agency would lead the investigation into the incident.
“This is a unique investigation because it did happen inside the lobby of the Chinese consulate so there’s a number of agencies and jurisdictions that are involved, so this is far different than our normal officer-involved shooting,” Winters said.

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