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Digital Fashion Launches Roblox Paolina Russo RTFKT Ledger, Dover Street Market, Injury, DRAUP
Digital Fashion Launches Roblox Paolina Russo RTFKT Ledger, Dover Street Market, Injury, DRAUP

Digital fashion is not only about gaming skins and filters but about experimenting with identity and nurturing creativity in unprecedented ways. While AI has had 2023 in a chokehold, from meme accounts to countless AI-generated collections, digital fashion’s mission to create more sustainable and equitable style industries has simultaneously prevailed. Early adopters to the digital fashion space such as DRESSX and DRAUP continue to innovate into new mediums, collections and experimentation with environments in which to wear cyber clothing. While traditional fashion brands are tapping virtual arenas with the likes of Paolina Russo collaborating with Roblox and SYNK with a new phygital collection.

As digital fashion continues to ignite new forms of dressing, we highlight our favorite launches, campaigns  and collaborations you need to know.

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Paolina Russo Joins Roblox in Long Term Partnership

Newcomer to the digital arena Paolina Russo has entered the Roblox universe powered by digital fashion platform SKNUPS and in collaboration with Dover Street Market. Translating their Fall/Winter 2023 looks to digital natives, the brand will continue to drop exclusive digital looks in future seasons. Speaking of the partnership in a press release Russo shares, “Our work is heavily inspired by gaming and online universes. Roblox is a massive world, closely related to building, making, and community – themes that deeply resonate with our work.”

DRAUP Drops The First Ever Digital Shapewear Collection

London-based digital fashion platform DRAUP is back with an exciting new offering – one that has solutions for everybody and every body. The first collection to release as a part of a three-part drop is called “REDUCE” with the aim to open up dialogue on the rise of digital dysmorphia blended with digital fashion’s promise for sustainable alternatives to physical dressing. The collection was designed in collaboration with digital artist Patternbase and can be sampled via an AR filter on the ZERO10 app.

DRESSX Launches Its Desktop Camera

OG’s to the digital fashion space, DRESSX have launched a new camera app which allows users to join virtual meetings in style. As a continuation of the DRESSX Metacloset mobile app, the project includes a collection of augmented reality looks for people to wear during video meetings including Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams and more. Digital designers such as Ines Alpha are already experimenting with the tool and shared in a press release, “For me, these lenses represent more than just digital adornments. They’re an ode to confidence and self-expression.”

Istituto Marangoni’s Unveils Its First Digital Fashion Show

In a project dubbed “I AM AI,” Istituto Marangoni Group and its community of students and teachers used AI to create a new type of runway. Using a blend of 3D software, AI tools and digital design platform CLO3D, the showcase celebrates a fusion of innovation and artistry. Outside of a physical show in Dubai, an immersive gaming element was added to the experience whereby new images could be made with selected students collections.

RTFKT Collaborates With Ledger on a Limited-Edition Collection

Nike‘s digital fashion and sneaker platform RTFKT has made waves with hype-driving virtual releases since 2019. In it’s most recent collaboration, the team has joined forces with Ledger, a global platform for digital assets, to provide a secure method for participating with and buying digital goods. The new project unveils two collaborative pieces, the RTFKT x Ledger Nano X Chalk Blade Edition and the RTFKT x Ledger Collector Edition. Both editions of the collaboration also include a QR code card to claim a special digital collectible NFT which is now currently available to pre-order online from both brands.

Gabrielle Rosenstein Creates Cute Phygital Charms

Seattle-based, multi-disciplinary, 3D artist Gabrielle Rosenstein creates fantastical accessories both IRL and URL. Her charms, designed with “whimsi-girly-ditziness” are now brought to life through wearable handbags, key charms and bracelets. Explaining the “Charm” collection in a press release she shares, “I resonate with the delicate slice-of-life character qualities that coexist with underlying strength and resilience. Charm aims to capture this essence by transforming what may seem ditzy into untethered imagination through future-cute aesthetics.” Rosenstein’s sense of play and experimentation make her a standout in the digital space – reclaiming the internet as one that is more stylish, soft and fun. You can purchase her charms, bags and other goodies online and at select retailers.

INJURY Wins The Best Advertising Award at ASVOFF 15

Australian interdisciplinary fashion brand INJURY has been experimenting with digital film to unveil it’s collections for the past few seasons. Its recent film “0000” won the Best Advertising award at ASVOFF 15 from a compelling blend of visual story-telling and CGI artwork. This award acts as a cornerstone for digital narrative building in the fashion world, by capturing the heart of an audience not by traditional marketing but by communication tools that speak to the feeling of living between online and offline worlds.

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