Donald Trump claims ‘no one funded black colleges for years’ before him in blatant lie

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Trump told Farage that he only had 30 minutes due to his "busy" schedule

Trump told Farage that he only had 30 minutes due to his “busy” schedule ( 

Image: GBNews)

Trump told Farage: “no one has funded black colleges for years and years,” implying that he was one of the only presidents to offer monetary contributions. As usual, Trump is caught in another one of his lies.

According to PolitiFact, an American nonprofit project operated by the Poynter Institute in St. Petersburg, former president Barack Obama offered nearly the same amount of funding to HBCUs. Trump signed the FUTURE Act in 2019, which made a significant allocation for federal funding to HBCUs. However, those institutions received funding from the exact same bill during the Obama administration.

Furthermore, analyst have long noted that HBCUs receive funding from a plethora of sources. While the FUTURE Act does allocate a substantial amount of funding, these schools can apply for grants, contracts and cooperative agreements with federal entities. Students also have the ability to apply for additional funds through Pell Grants, according to Krystal L. Williams, an assistant professor at the University of Alabama.

“Those funding sources predate both the Trump and Obama administrations, Williams said.”

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It’s marks the second time the pair have sat down with one another, after Trump made the stop to chat with the Brexiteer on May 3, 2023, on course to his Turnberry golf resort in Scotland. Everyone from Joe Biden, Meghan Markle, Boris Johnson and Sean Connery were in the crosshairs as Trump boasted that he was dead set to win the 2024 US presidential election.

The GB News interview comes after Nigel attended a rally held by Trump in Iowa in January. Despite not being officially invited, Farage sat near the front and was noticed by Trump, who praised him, saying: “I’m just looking at this handsome guy. He’s been a backer of mine from day one. Great, you look great – I love these suits, you really know how to dress over there.” Writing on X (Twitter) after the rally, Farage beamed: “Nice to get a shoutout from the big man. I have never wavered since 2016 in my belief that the world is safer with Trump.”

In Tuesday’s interview, Trump warned that Prince Harry could be thrown out of America if he comes to serve a second term as US president. He said that the Duke of Sussex could face deportation over the ongoing controversy that he may have taken cocaine, cannabis and magic mushrooms.

The former US president lifted the lid on whether Prince Harry would be kicked out of the US

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