Every Original X-Men Animated Series Voice Actor That Returned For X-Men ’97

Two of the recastings in “X-Men ’97” were by necessity. Tragically, both Norm Spencer (Cyclops) and David Hemblen (Magneto) passed away in 2020. Ray Chase (as Scott) and Matthew Waterson (as Magnus) are doing their best impressions in tribute to their late predecessors’ performances in these roles.

In “’97,” Jennifer Hale replaces Catherine Disher as Jean Grey. However, Hale has played Jean before in other productions (such as the 2008 cartoon “Wolverine and the X-Men,” which was set in a separate continuity), while in “X-Men ’97,” Disher is playing Dr. Valerie Cooper. 

Disher is one of many “X-Men” alums who are playing different roles in this revival. (Speaking to the Radio Times, “X-Men ’97” director/producer Jake Castorena said they wanted to invite back the “legacy cast” even if their voices no longer fit their old characters). Alyson Court (the original Jubilee) ceded her part to Holly Chou, feeling an Asian actress should play the Asian-American heroine. Court will instead voice Abcissa, an alternate version of Jubilee enslaved by the alien Mojo.

Chris Potter (Gambit in the 1992 series) has swapped roles. He is playing Cable in “X-Men ’97,” while A. J. LoCascio is playing Gambit. The original Cable, Lawrence Bayne, is back as the villainous X-Cutioner. Ron Rubin (who voiced the shapeshifting Morph) now plays President Robert Kelly (Len Carlson, Kelly’s original voice actor, passed in 2006), while J.P. Karliak is the new voice of Morph in “X-Men ’97.” Ross Marquand (Marvel’s go-to understudy, having filled in for Hugo Weaving as the Red Skull and James Spader as Ultron) plays Professor X, with no word on Xavier’s original actor Cedric Smith being involved.

Outside of the main cast, Christopher Britton reprises his original “X-Men” role as the evil geneticist Mister Sinister. I can’t wait to hear more of his slimy take on the villain.

“X-Men ’97” streams on Disney+ from March 20, 2024.

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