Exclusive! Madhura Naik opens up about receiving communal hate on social media and threatening messages for her family; says “Please pray for our safety”

Madhura Naik took to her Instagram handle to share the tragic news of her sister and brother-in-law getting brutally killed in the Israel war. The actress now exclusively shared with ETimes TV about the threats that her family and she has been receiving.

Madhurasaid, “This isn’t the right time to actually talk as we are all scared. My family and I have been receiving threatening messages and I have received so much communal hate on social media due to the incident.

It is a testing time for us as we lost our family member.”
Madhura further added, “I am too worried, my family is not safe. Please pray for our safety.”

Madhura Naik’s cousin and brother-in-law killed in Israel-Hamas attack; actress shares heart-wrenching details on social media

Earlier, in the Instagram post, the actress shared, “I, Madhura Naik, am a jew of Indian origin. We are now only 3000 in strength here in India. The day before on the 7th of October we lost a daughter and a son from our family. My cousin Odaya and her husband were murdered in cold blood in the presence of their two children. The grief and emotions that I and my family face today cannot be spoken in words. As of today, Israel is in pain. Her children, her women and her streets are burning in flames in the wrath of Hamas. The women, children, elderly and the weak are being targeted.”
She further spoke about getting targeted, “Yesterday I posted a picture of my sister and family for the world to see our pain and I was shocked to see how deep pro-Palestinian Arab Propaganda runs. I was shamed, humiliated and targeted for being Jewish. Today I want to voice out my feelings and tell my followers, friends and people who I love and people who have supported me for all these years.”

We at ETimes TV, pray for Madhura Naik and her family’s safety and may the god provide them with strength to face this heart wrenching phase.

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