Exclusive: Muslim side moves Supreme Court against Gyanvapi puja order, asked to go to high court

The Anjuman Intezamia Masjid Committee in the Gyanvapi mosque case has approached the Supreme Court against a district judge’s order permitting Hindu devotees to worship inside the sealed basement of the mosque and overnight execution of the order.

India Today has exclusively learnt that the mosque committee approached the vacation registrar last night, seeking urgent listing due to the overnight execution of the order by the administration. 

According to the legal team, lawyers were informed on Thursday that they should approach the Allahabad High Court instead.

The mosque committee approached the Supreme Court’s Registrar saying that under the garb of the January 31 order, the local administration, in hot haste, deployed a massive police force on site and “was in the process of cutting the grills located on the southern side of the mosque”.

As per the letter filed before the Supreme Court, the mosque committee said there was no reason for the administration to undertake this task in “hot haste and “in the dead of the night” as the order passed by the trial court had already given them one week to make the necessary arrangements.

The Muslim side alleged that the administration was in collusion with Hindu petitioners.

“The obvious reason for such unseemly haste is that the administration in collusion with the Hindu petitioners is trying to foreclose any attempt by the mosque managing committee to avail of their remedies against the said order by presenting them with a fait accompli (something that has been done and cannot be changed),” the Muslim side’s letter to the Supreme Court said.

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