Fantasy football Week 14 live updates: Start ‘em, sit ‘em, rankings, injury news and lineup advice

Week 14! Let’s answer your questions.

Good morning fantasy footballers! We’ve got a bunch of divisional matchups today, which are often tough, not to mention iffy weather in New York and potentially other East Coast stadiums. I’ve tried to prioritize the win and get in questions – you know I love some context in my questions.

As I wrote earlier this week, this is the time of year to throw out all preconceived notions and make decisions like a beginner. If you knew nothing about ADP or years of player history, what would you do? That might mean sitting a highly drafted, big-name player in a terrible spot today. No offense, Tony Pollard. Take a fresh look at your options without the baggage of ownership biases, unmet expectations or pressure to somehow win in the least likely most exciting way. It’s just about doing the things that give you the highest odds of a win.

Q: I have a good problem. D. Samuel, A Brown, M Evans and J Jefferson rostered. I can only play 3. Who do I bench? – David S.

This live blog is meant to help people with actual problems. And your only problem is the confines of your league’s starting lineup.

Two flex spots are always better than one. Anyway, forcing me to pick which of these guys will put up a dud isn’t fair, but I’ll go with AJ Brown vs. the Cowboys.

Advice on receivers, DST

Q: Need two from Nacua, Hall, Sutton, Hopkins and Javonte. Std scoring. Also, ride with Dallas DST at home against Philly or stream the Vikings @ Vegas? – T D.

I think you have to stick with Dallas here. They’re by far the more talented unit. Frankly, it’s hard to trust the Vikings to take advantage of the Raiders’ mistakes.

I’d go with Puka and Hopkins among the skill players.

Weather be damned, start Stroud

Q: Stroud in the pouring rain against the Jets pass D or Ridder, in a dome, against Tampa? Win and in the playoffs…. – Jacob G.

This is the kind of question I was anticipating when I said throw out your preconceived notions, and if your alternate option was anyone else I might say bench Stroud.

Like Minshew, or even Jake Browning. But I can’t recommend sitting Stroud for Ridder, weather be damned. Good luck!

Q: Half PPR: Romeo Doubs or Jordan Addison? And streaming QB: Josh Dobbs, Jake Browning or Gardner Minshew? – Almendra L.

Minshew’s the QB and those are about the two most equal WR options I’ve seen in today’s questions. Whew.

You should be set either way, but I guess I’d start Doubs in the easier matchup with his role being elevated sans Christian Watson while Addison’s role will take a hit with Jefferson back.

Q: I have Texans now but Packers, Saints, Vikings, Chargers, Raiders, Colts are available. – Leonard T.

Stick with Houston today. The Jets are almost as low-scoring as the Giants and they’re playing in a downpour.

Guillotine league advice

Q: I’m in a guillotine league that’s down to six teams. Full PPR. Would you consider sitting Etienne with the Jags uncertainty and Browns D, for Chubba Hubbard? What about Courtland Sutton or Rashee Rice in the flex? – Michael P.

Yes, I’d have no issue starting Hubbard today over Etienne for your exact reasons. The WR is trickier, both are appealing today.

I think Sutton is the safer play for volume and matchup, but it could be a much lower-scoring game.

Q: Please help, need three out of these six in a TD only league. D. Henry, T. Pollard, Keaton Mitchell, DK Metcalf, Brandon Cooks, Jake Ferguson. Help! – Mark L.

Fun format! I like Henry, Cooks and Mitchell.

Cooks is three-for-three in red zone scoring opportunities, and he has four of his five touchdowns in the last six games since the Cowboys’ bye week. I’d be more comfortable with Metcalf if we knew Geno Smith was a full go, but you won’t.

I’d start Mitchell to be on the safe side because SF is going to make things extra tricky for Drew Lock if he’s the starter today.

Which 2 should I go with in Half-PPR?

Q: Half-PPR, need two of Garrett Wilson, Calvin Ridley, Noah Brown, DeAndre Hopkins, Brandon Cooks, Christian Watson. – Greig W.

Happily, we can eliminate Watson from contention. I’m also fine with sitting Ridley with a less mobile Trevor Lawrence or C.J. Beathard against the Browns.

You’re starting Cooks and probably DeAndre Hopkins.

Q: Nico Collins vs. Chris Olave as my flex? Thank you. – David D.

My instinct says Collins for the floor, Olave for the big play ceiling, but playing with an illness is really unpredictable. As you may have gleaned from some of my other answers, I’m not a big fan of Collins in this matchup with the Jets given their defense is still shutting down opposing WRs like no one else.

Still, if you can figure out that you only need about 10 fantasy points from him (PPR), he should come through on volume.

If you need more of a homerun, I’d take a shot with Olave.

Give me Mingo over Thielen

Q: Thoughts on Jonathan Mingo vs. Adam Thielen this week against the Saints, but also moving forward with the coaching change? – Patrick T.

I think it’s Mingo. There’s a chance that New Orleans puts more effort into guarding Thielen, but I think there’s a changing of the hierarchy happening in Carolina since the coaching changes.

Mingo is going to get a chance to showcase what he can be for the team with Bryce Young so while it might be rough today, I believe he’ll be the rest of season answer.

Q: I’m having the darndest time picking out my two flexes.

Amari, Kincaid, JSN, G Davis … (unless we think Kupp is worth a sit). Indecisiveness isn’t good for the 1st round. – Dallan W.

Your playoffs started early! Good luck this week. I’d go with the Bills, Kincaid and Davis. I don’t have the highest hopes for Kupp, but Elijah Moore has been so dominant in Cleveland the last two games that I’m worried Cooper won’t see enough (Joe Flacco or DTR) targets to make something happen.

Follow the points, and that’s Buffalo for you.

Why I like Waddle over Pollard

Q: Flex spot. Half-PPR. Pollard or Waddle. – Ken W.

I have no issue sitting Pollard against the league’s worst fantasy matchup. On the other side, Waddle gets a great matchup with Tennessee.

Even if he’s not Tyreek Hill, he still offers more upside than Pollard this week.

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