First glimpse: Indian Railways readies push-pull Vande Bharat inspired locomotive for new common man train

Indian Railways is looking to roll out a new train for the common man – and one that will run on the push-pull locomotive system. Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw today took to his Whatsapp channel to share an image preview of the push-pull locomotives that are being made for the new train by Chittaranjan Locomotive Works (CLW).
The Integral Coach Factory (ICF) in Chennai is manufacturing a new upgraded train with swanky second class 3-tier sleeper coaches and second class unreserved coaches. The new coaches, better than Antyodaya coaches, will have several Vande Bharat Express style features, though they will be non air-conditioned. Also, unlike Vande Bharat Express, the new train will not be self-propelled, but pulled by one locomotive at each end using the push-pull technique.
As is evident from the image, the new orange-grey push-pull locomotives for the train will have a Vande Bharat style conical and aerodynamic look and feel. The WAP5 electric locomotives will have 6,000 HP each. The push-pull technique of running trains helps Indian Railways attain faster acceleration, hence reducing the travel time. With a locomotive at each end of the train, the turnaround time also comes down.

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Sharing a glimpse of the new push pull locomotives, Ashwini Vaishnaw said, “Push-pull loco getting ready… noisy, oily, power generator coaches will not be needed once these push-pull locos are installed at both ends of trains.”
The new train with 22 coaches will have two luggage-cum-guard vans, 8 General Second Class coaches, and 12 non-AC sleeper cars. According to Indian Railways, it will have “superior interiors” for enhanced safety and passenger comforts, gangways, semi-permanent couplers, destination boards among other features.

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Earlier this week, TOI had reported that the new train for common man will be ready at ICF by the middle of this month and once CLW supplies the two locomotives, the train will be tested by month end.

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