Gods’ Game We Play anime announces release window, theme songs, and more with new trailer

Gods’ Game We Play anime (Image via Lidenfilms)

The Gods’ Game We Play anime released a new promotional video on December 20, 2023, revealing the show’s additional cast, release window, and theme songs. According to the trailer, the anime is set to premiere in April 2024, i.e., Spring 2024.

The Gods’ Game We Play anime is based on author Kei Sezane and illustrator Toiro Tomose’s eponymous fantasy light novel series. Media Publishes the light novel under the MF Bunko JP imprint. Notably, Kadokawa announced the animation project under Lidenfilms Studio’s production.

The Gods’ Game We Play anime is set to premiere in April 2024

On December 20, 2023, the official website and X (formerly Twitter) handle of the Gods’ Game We Play anime unveiled the series’ second promotional video, announcing April 2024 as the anime’s release date. Besides that, the trailer revealed the show’s additional cast and theme songs.

The short clip begins with the main heroine, Leoleshea, narrating the anime’s backdrop. She mentions how the Gods, who have too much time on their hands, have given humans the power to challenge them in their game called “Arise.”

Later, Leoleshea says that Fei Theophilus holds the key to defeating the Gods in this game. Following that, the promotional video showcases the additional characters, including Nell, Pearl, and Miranda.

A still from the anime (Image via Lidenfilms)
A still from the anime (Image via Lidenfilms)

The names of the additional cast members have arrived. Hina Tachibana, the renowned voice actress, stars as Pearl Diamond in the Gods’ Game We Play anime. Pearl is described as a teleporter who retires after making a fatal error.

Kanna Nakamura, better known as Un from the Classroom of Heroes, lends her voice to the former apostle, Nell Reckless. Moreover, Ami Koshimizu, who stars as Holo in the upcoming Spice and Wolfanime, will play Miranda in this series.

Details regarding the theme song artists have also arrived. According to the anime’s official staff, the famous J-pop group AliA performs the opening theme, New Game, while Hina Tachibana sings the ending theme, I’m GAME. Notably, the trailer previews the opening song while showing the characters.

As announced earlier, Tatsuya Shiraishi is directing the fantasy anime at Lidenfilms Studios, with NTL supervising the scripts. On the other hand, Yoshihiro Watanabe is designing the characters, while Gin is composing the anime.

The Gods’ Game We Play anime follows an intriguing story centered on Gods vs. Humans. The Gods who had so much free time, decided to create an ultimate strategy called “Arise” and selected Fey Theophilus as humanity’s representative.

Interestingly, there has been no human victor in this game throughout history due to the unreasonable and capricious nature of the Gods. However, Leoleshea knows that Fei may have what it takes to emerge as a winner.

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