Hair care brand Vega launches new ‘Baby & Mom’ product category

Hair styler appliance brand Vega has launched ‘Vega Baby & Mom’ as a new product line to cater to parents and their children. The line has gone live with 700 SKUs and includes a wide range of personal care goods and grooming tools. 

Screenshot of Vega’s e-commerce store – Vega

“At Vega, our journey has always revolved around embracing life’s diverse phases,” said Vega’s director Sandeep Jain in a press release. “With the launch of Vega Baby & Mom, we are entering a new segment, aiming to transcend the realm of mere styling and grooming and fortify our core philosophy of care. Parenthood is a remarkable journey filled with love and joyous moments, and as your trusted care partner, we are here to support this beautiful voyage.”
Products in the new range include baby cleansers, water wipes, grooming tools, and breast pumps among others. The line has a dedicated segment on Vega’s direct to customer website and is priced in the mid segment of the market. 

“Backed by category insights and in-depth consumer immersions, we delved into the nuances and emerging concerns of the baby care and parenting category,” said Vega’s chief marketing officer Eiti Singhal. “Our Vega baby care range meticulously prioritises safety, efficacy, and the well-being of little ones and moms and their needs.”

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