Hamas attack: Sister of Israeli TV personality killed in ‘execution-style’

NEW DELHI: In a tragic and heart wrenching incident at the Tribe of Nova trance music festival near the Gaza Strip border, a 27-year-old Israeli woman, Mapal Adam, was killed “execution style” by Hamas gunmen. Mapal, hiding under a truck, hoped to survive by playing dead. But she was eventually discovered by the assailants. Her sister, Maayan Adam, a television host, shared the heartbreaking news on Instagram, describing Mapal’s final moments and expressing the family’s immense grief.
“On Saturday afternoon, in this idyllic setting, Mapal, our baby, hid underneath a truck and pretended as if she were dead,” Ma’ayan wrote on Instagram.
“She held out for hours and didn’t move until terrorists killed her execution style.”Mapal was with her boyfriend, Roey, who sustained back injuries but survived the attack. Ma’ayan revealed that Mapal and Roey had recently moved in together and were deeply in love. Witnesses recounted the horrifying assault, where Hamas gunmen stormed the concert area, firing into the crowd and taking hostages.
Mapal also has a record of serving in the Israeli military. In a heartfelt Instagram post, she expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to serve her country, saying: “One army, 72 years, 23,816 martyrs. Thank you for granting me the honor of serving my nation.”

The music’s rhythm melded with the sound of gunfire as militants approached the festival, where hundreds of young partygoers were gathered. Videos circulating online captured the horrifying scenes of revelers being showered with bullets as they desperately tried to flee for their lives.
Israeli emergency services recovered at least 260 bodies from the site, and the surprise Hamas assault resulted in the deaths of more than 800 soldiers and civilians. In response, Israeli military operations were launched in Gaza, leading to casualties among Palestinians in the area. The tragic incident left families shattered and communities in mourning.

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