Hamas-Israel conflict: ‘In China, social media is bursting with support for Palestine’

Amid the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas, Chinese social media users have come out in support of Palestine. On Weibo, which boasts nearly 600 million users, a wave of antisemitism and anger towards Israel has emerged, the Business Insider reported quoting posts on Weibo. While Weibo is heavily moderated and may not accurately represent the consensus in China, it offers insight into the narratives and sentiments permitted in the country’s digital spaces.
Some commenters drew comparisons between Israel and Japan, a country disliked in China due to its actions during World War II. Others went so far as to accuse Israel of being a Nazi state.
Many commenters also invoked the memory of Du Zhaoyu, a 34-year-old Chinese lieutenant colonel who was killed in a 2006 Israeli air raid while on a peacekeeping mission in Lebanon.
Officially, China has called for calm as Hamas launched a significant attack on Israel, prompting Israel to respond with airstrikes and a siege of Gaza.
Among the numerous posts and derisive comments, a frequently reposted message suggests that some of the anti-Israel sentiment may be directed at the United States: “Emotionally: sympathy for the Palestinian people. Position: understanding Israel. Politically: disliking the United States. Fundamentally: longing for peace. Conclusion: opposing war means opposing the United States.”
As in the rest of the world, discussions about the Israel-Palestine conflict have surged on Weibo. The three most popular hashtags related to the conflict have collectively garnered over 1 billion views, according to Insider.
On the most prominent posts, support for Palestine is evident. One top comment on a report by the state media agency Xinhua states, “Normal people will support Palestine. It’s evident that Palestine is fighting for survival. It is almost at the end of the line.”
Undercurrents of animosity toward the United States appear in nearly every discussion of the conflict.
“America, Britain, Israel. The Earth’s three major troublemakers. Without these three nations, the world would be much more peaceful,” wrote blogger Wenxiao Vincent in a post about a Shanghai woman in Tel Aviv during the Hamas attacks.
Renowned columnist Hu Xijin, in his commentary on the Israeli siege of Gaza, pointed out that former US ambassador Nikki Haley, who is seeking the GOP presidential nomination, had urged Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to “finish them” in an October 7 post on X, formerly known as Twitter. Hu accused Haley of making a post “full of murderous intent.” He was formerly the Chief Editor of the staunchly pro-government outlet, The Global Times.
As per the Business Insider report, blaming the US for war is a recurring theme on Weibo, where users perceive Washington as a cabal of Imperialist warmongers with a hand in all global conflicts, aligning with the propaganda of the Chinese Communist Party.

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