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‘Harry and Meghan’s website is toe-curlingly try-hard but shows what royals are missing’ – expert

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s slick new website may be “toe-curlingly try-hard” but does show what the Royal Family is missing, according to an expert.

The brand new website became accessible last night and serves to act as a platform for the couple to showcase their post-royal work and charity endeavours. However, the new site has come under fire for prominently displaying the couple’s Duke and Duchess of Sussex royal titles and featuring a royal crest amid fears they could use this for commercial use. The site also features lengthy bios about both Harry and Meghan although makes no mention of Harry’s family and neglects to bring up that Meghan was an actress, merely stating she once worked in the entertainment industry.

by Taboola

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‘Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s website proves they still depend on royals they ditched’ – expertHarry and Meghan with King Charles and the Prince and Princess of Wales before they stepped down from their royal roles ( 

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According to royal historian and expert Dr Tessa Dunlop, the swish website does come across as try-hard but is also a timely reminder. She told the Mirror: “Minimalist, compassionate, expensive, regal. Can a website really be all these things? Harry and Meghan’s latest venture (domain name certainly strives to pack a multi-formed punch, with majestic the over-arching theme.

“About as majestic as you can get without actually calling yourself royal. You’ll remember the pair were forbidden from using Sussex Royal as a brand when they stopped being ‘working royals’. (Lest you have forgotten their old website is conveniently linked to the new one.)

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“If you are confused as to what that actually means, Harry and Meghan have shared their individual list of achievements. Prince HarryDuke of Sussex is a humanitarian, a military veteran, a mental health advocate and a world record-breaking author. Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, is a feminist, a champion of human rights and has been named one of the most influential women in the world. She is also a best-selling author.

The homepage of Harry and Meghan’s new website

“There are bits and bobs about the Archewell Foundation, their charitable trust, and a (tiny) bit on Archewell Productions (the less said the better) plus plenty of glowing pictures of the couple doing good works. It is very swish and now, a timely reminder of what the royal family sadly lack. But if the British monarchy is under the cosh at the moment, this alternative cut-out-and-keep attempt at American royalty is toe-curlingly try-hard.

Despite the couple sensationally quitting as working royals more than four years ago, the new site has also raised eyebrows by prominently displaying their royal titles and featuring a royal crest amid fears they could use this for commercial use. It comes as Harry’s father King Charles has treatment for cancer and also at a time when the Princess of Wales, who has been criticised by Harry and Meghan in tell-all interviews, recovers from abdominal surgery.

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