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Harry Kane has been fighting for greatness for the last 8 years

In any case, Kane is leading England as one of the best footballers in the world and one of the best at this year’s European Championships. Kane is undoubtedly a talented footballer; Kane is now one of the top footballers. If his desire to play in a Manchester City jersey is fulfilled this summer, he will surely be the most expensive footballer after Neymar and Killian Mbabane.

Yet what Kane has achieved so far as a footballer is not exactly consistent with the name. As a player he may not have had the opportunity to do more than that, but so far Kane has no team titles in his possession. All his achievements are personal, his team has not won any titles. Some players are born great, but Harry Kane has been fighting for greatness for the last 8 years.

Kane basically wants to play for a team that will fight for the title. That’s why he wants to leave Tottenham, where he has spent the longest 20 years of his football career (although it is not entirely up to him whether Kane can win the title for his club). But Kane will have to lead England to the European Championships before the mystery is resolved as to which club he will play for next season. He has been doing that from the front. It is only natural that he should feel the added pressure on the country’s long-running title-drought mission. Is this the summer where 26-year-old Kane will be able to win something for his team and take another step towards greatness?

They tend to be the talk of the fans rather than their own performances. But Kane is completely different from this side. His media profile is much less than that of other great footballers of the past. Even his acquaintance is quite low compared to other English stars of the last two generations. He was never a newspaper headline and we know very little about his life outside of the game. But his profile is almost identical to that of popular English footballers David Beckham, Wayne Rooney or Steven Gerrard.

Kane has spent most of his career at Tottenham Hotspur (except for a few season loan spells). These 6 years of playing for the Spurs have been pretty good in some respects. Under Mauricio Pachettino, they became the best club in England, although they did not win any titles. Tottenham’s game began to deteriorate after Pachettino’s departure, and Kane began to move further away from winning the title.

Kane wanted to keep everything in his personal life hidden from the public. Although the media has asked him about his family many times, he has kept his family hidden from the media. But Kane has always been adamant about his captaincy in the England squad and has always shouldered the responsibility for his teammates’ poor performances. He is also a promoter of several charitable activities. But trying to figure out the undiscovered aspects of Kane won’t do much good. According to those who know Kane closely, Kane is ambitious, outspoken and self-centered. Needless to say, his career is the most important to him; But at the same time, his family is equally important to him. If he can find time outside of football or family, he can play golf very well and enjoy it.

Kane, a supporter of the New England Patriots in the American Football League, said he did not miss their retirement. Kane sought inspiration from his idol Brady during the difficult times of his career, as Brady overcame the complexities of his life to become one of the best quarterbacks in American football history. And he won his number seven Super Bowl earlier this year, for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Kane was fighting for his form on behalf of other clubs on loan before the 2014 breakthrough season; Then he would be inspired to work hard by watching that documentary. Kane said Arsenal eventually recruited Welbeck (who needed a replacement for the injured Olivier Giroud), which saved Kane from going on loan at another club for the fifth time. Within a few weeks .Since then he has never looked back.

There has been a lot of writing lately about the beginning of Kane’s career. He was part of a youthful team that began to move upwards under Pachettino. He was the most important part of a system, rather than the omnipotence of a system itself.

When Kane won his first two Golden Boots, he had a lot of footballers around to help him. Because he played with players like Danny Rose, Musa Dembele, Christian Eriksen who were clearly aware of their role in the team and were directly contributing to move the team forward. What suddenly happened to Spurs; Their strength, unity and continuity acquired during Pachettino’s time began to fade.


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