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HYDERABAD: To send out a strong message that age fudging will not be tolerated, the Hyderabad Cricket Association (HCA) has imposed a five-year ban on two junior players for forged age certificates. This is the first time HCA has detected the fraud and cracked the whip.
“There were many allegations on certain U-19 players regarding their age and domicile. We asked the Hyderabad police to verify documents of players against whom allegations were made. We found out that a couple of players had fudged their records,” HCA CEO Sunil Kante informed on Sunday.
One of the boys was named in the Hyderabad U-19 squad a couple of weeks ago and there is another registered player eligible for U-23 selection.
Two banned players will not feature in any Hyderabad squad
KANTE said that the two will be removed from the squad. “We are removing both of them from the squad and banning them for five years. We are also lodging criminal cases against them for fraud,” Kante added.
The two players, Mohd bin Hussain Babillail (U-19) and Shashank Mehrotra (U-23), will not feature in any Hyderabad squad. The action has been taken to send a message to parents and coaches that such activities will not be tolerated, he said.
“It denies meritorious players a chance to play for the state. This should serve as an example,” Kante said.
“A player from another state was named in the U-19 squad. That player has also been removed from the U-19 squad,” he added
“We are not looking at how old they are etc. We are concerned more about the documents that the players submitted. The cops confirmed that some of the documents are forgeries,” Kante said. On action being taken against clubs and academies, he said it needed to be dealt with carefully.
“Private academies are not affiliated to HCA and there is little we can do about it. We need to eradicate this menace at the grassroots,” he said
When the leagues started, HCA had laid down rules, asking clubs to register their players.
“We said only two outside players will be allowed in each squad. The reason being that if the player’s parents have been transferred to this city, we cannot deny the player a chance.” he said.
He also hoped the authorities would find out where the certificates were generated.
“At this point we are taking action and lodging complaints against individuals. We expect the authorities to probe from where the players are getting fudged certificates. We need to work with clubs on this issue. Instead of punishing the clubs, we need to empower them so that they can have a system to weed out such duplicity,” Kante said.

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