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‘I wore a sexy dress to my sister’s wedding – now she won’t speak to me’

A woman has told how her choice of attire for her younger sister’s wedding day has caused a huge rift between the pair. After showing her 23-year-old sister the dress she was planning on wearing at her wedding, the day before the event, the 28-year-old said her sister had referred to it as ‘gorgeous’, leaving her excited to wear it on the day. However, when she turned up at the event, her sister was less than impressed at the revealing dress.

She said: “The dress was this little black dress with a little bit of sparkles and a corset. When I arrived to the reception she was a little stunned and came up to me saying something along the lines of ‘oh wow I didn’t know you were actually gonna wear it’ and then just laughed, but I could see by her face that she had a problem with it.”

by Taboola

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After noticing her sister giving her strange looks throughout the day, she continued: “During the wedding I saw her talking to some people and then at one point they all just stared at me and gave me a nasty a** look.” She also admitted that her sister hadn’t been the same towards her since the day, leading to her posting her wedding woe on Reddit to see what other readers thought of the sartorial situation. She said: “I honestly don’t think I did anything wrong and think she was overreacting, especially since she literally approved of the dress. I don’t know why she changed her mind so fast.”

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