ICC Cricket World Cup: ICC World Cup 2023’s Batcam Drive rover: Car-like features, top-speed and more

The ICC Cricket World Cup has taken India and the world by storm, with fans flocking to stadiums or watching from the comfort of their sofa sets. Amidst this liveliness, one thing has aroused the curiosity of fans, including myself, who’ve witnessed the live action. It’s the Batcam Driver rover camera, often seen moving around the boundaries and then making its way to the ground as the batsmen stride to the crease.
While the Batcam buggy cam isn’t new and has been playing its part in enhancing the production at major tournaments since the 2019 World Cup, it is, for sure, an interesting innovation that has got some features that deserve to capture all our attention. Now before we get into the nitty gritty of the rover, here’s a quick brief of what it actually is.
What is a Batcam Drive Camera?
Operated by Batcam, a UK-based UAV company, the buggy cam or the BatCam Drive is a remote-controlled camera system that is deployed on the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 venues to capture dynamic live action as well as replays on and around the ground, including that of the crowd.

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It is an instrumental innovation for the production teams as it captures unique, live shots at the ground level – such as the batsmen arriving or leaving the pitch, the bowler’s runup or fielders taking position etc. The buggy can also be used to capture unique perspectives of the game, such as ground-level replay shots from behind the wicket keeper or from behind the bowler’s arm.
Batcam Drive – Design
Talking about the design, the rover has got a robust and exposed frame with a flat base on the top, on which the camera is mounted. Besides that, it gets twin coil springs on each axle and one in the middle to enhance the suspension capabilities. And lastly, it sits on wide tyres, reminiscent of monster trucks.
Batcam Drive – Innovative features
The remote-controlled car is a bidirectional trackless system, meaning that it can move in any direction and does not require any tracks or cables. The buggy is equipped with a high-quality camera and a stabilizer, which allows it to capture smooth and steady footage even when moving at high speeds. It also has a 10x zoom lens, which allows it to get close-up shots of the action from a distance.
That’s not that, the buggy has also got advanced features such as automatic collision avoidance, GPS tracking and can travel at a speed of up to 48 kmph!

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