Indian Navy rolls out ‘360-degree appraisal’ to improve promotion evaluation

NEW DELHI: All officers being considered for promotion in the Navy will now undergo a peer review by their colleagues as well as subordinates in a new “transformative 360-degree appraisal mechanism” being institutionalised in the maritime force.
The Navy on Saturday said the existing appraisal mechanism of periodic confidential reports by senior officers has an inherent limitation of a “top-down” approach because it does not cater for or quantify a leader’s impact on his subordinates.

“The new appraisal mechanism is aimed to address this shortfall by encompassing large-scale surveys from suitably identified peers and subordinates for every officer being considered for promotion,” Navy spokesperson Commander Vivek Madhwal said.

The survey includes a spectrum of questions, encompassing aspects such as professional knowledge, leadership attributes, suitability in war or crisis situations and the potential for higher ranks.

“Inputs, thus obtained, will be suitably quantified for independent analyses by a nominated board of officers, headed by a flag officer. This will also be provided as feedback to the officers to effect behavioural changes and improvements,” he said.
The Navy has around 10,000 officers, which includes over 600 women, at present. “The women and men in whites are central to the Indian Navy‘s ‘ships first’ approach and will continue to remain its greatest asset in the foreseeable future. The Navy takes pride in imbibing such best practices and this initiative is in continuation of other endeavours towards remaining a ‘combat ready, credible, cohesive and future proof force’,” Commander Madhwal added.

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