Israel: Over 760 Palestinians killed, 4,000 injured in Israeli attacks on Gaza: health ministry

New Delhi: In Israeli air strikes, at least 770 Palestinians have lost their lives and 4,000 were injured since Saturday, Gaza‘s Health Ministry said on Tuesday.
The ministry further added that another 18 people were killed and 100 injured in the West Bank since Saturday, according to Reuters.
Earlier today, Israel said it had reclaimed control of the Gaza border, pounding the enclave with the fiercest air strikes in the 75-year history of its conflict with the Palestinians despite a Hamas threat to execute a captive for each home hit.
Israel has vowed to take its “mighty revenge” since gunmen rampaged through its towns, leaving streets strewn with bodies in by far the deadliest attack in its history. It has called up hundreds of thousands of reservists and placed the Gaza Strip, crowded home to 2.3 million people, under a total siege.
After the weekend attacks by the Hamas terrorists, Israel continued its retaliatory strikes on Palestinian-held territory in the Gaza Strip.
The United Nations said 180,000 Gazans had been made homeless, many huddling on streets or in schools. Smoke and flames rose into the morning sky, while bombardment of the roads often made it impossible for emergency crews to reach the scene of strikes.
At the morgue in Gaza’s Khan Younis hospital, bodies were laid on the ground on stretchers with their names written on their bellies. Medics called for relatives to pick up bodies quickly because there was no more space for the dead, as per Reuters.
There were heavy casualties in a former municipal building struck while being used as an emergency shelter for displaced families.

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