linkon@gmail.comMan dies in custody of Baltimore County police, medics; Attorney General’s office

A man died at a hospital after being taken into custody in Owings Mills by Baltimore County Police Wednesday night, prompting an investigation by the Maryland Attorney General’s office.

Police said in a Thursday news release that officers responded at around 11 p.m. Wednesday to the intersection of Rosewood Lane and Reisterstown Road for a call regarding a “suspicious person.”

The Attorney General’s office said police arrived and found the man near a restaurant’s shattered drive-thru window. Police said he “appeared to be under the influence and causing a disturbance,” and his family members were attempting to de-escalate the situation. Officers detained him, restraining him on the ground and placing him in both handcuffs and leg restraints before calling medics and administering Narcan, the Attorney General’s office said.

He was taken to a hospital, where he died.

An officer was taken to a hospital as well for an evaluation, according to the Attorney General’s office’s Independent Investigations Division, which is conducting an inquiry into the man’s death.

Police and the investigations unit, which probes deaths in police custody throughout the state, did not immediately release the age or name of the man on Thursday. Usually, that information is provided to the public within 48 hours of a death, and body camera footage is released within 20 days.

The man’s death initiated the Attorney General’s office’s second investigation this week into a Baltimore County Police interaction — the division is also probing a shooting Tuesday afternoon, where it said three officers fatally  who pointed a gun at them at a gas station about five miles south on Reisterstown Road.

The unit of the Attorney General’s office established in 2021 has  it is only permitted by law to investigate “the actions of the law enforcement officers and not the emergency medical personnel” in an in-custody death.

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