Migrant Children: Migrant children seen selling candies to strangers in New York City subways

NEW DELHI: Unaccompanied migrant children are roaming the New York City subway system, selling candies to strangers, reported the New York Post.
According to the New York Post, an 11-year-old migrant girl was observed exiting an uptown B train at the 59th Street-Columbus Circle station, independently carrying a cardboard box filled with peanut M&M’s, Skittles, and Kinder Buenos for sale.
Her mother, who had been selling sweets on the downtown platform, did not disclose their place of origin or residence and declined to provide further information.
“My mother is on the other side,” the child told The Post in Spanish.
In another instance last week, a young girl in a purple jacket was spotted carrying a box of candy while travelling alone between subway cars on a C train, as depicted in footage shared on X, formerly known as Twitter.
This child was regularly seen selling candy, usually between the 14th and 59th street stations during rush hour, and was estimated to be around 6 years old, according to the video’s uploader.
“This is shameful, disgusting, blatant child abuse,” one user said as per the New York Post.
Children below the age of 14 are prohibited from engaging in work activities, whether it be after school or during summer breaks, as outlined by the state Office of Children and Family Services.
A seasoned NYPD transit officer stationed at the Columbus Circle station, according to the New York Post, expressed her apprehension, revealing that she has observed “numerous” migrant children selling candies independently in recent months, even during school hours. She voiced concerns about their well-being.
Despite issuing warnings to parents about the potential risks their children face when picking them up at the precinct, the officer noted that she has repeatedly encountered the same young individuals on the train platforms.
“No matter how you tell them, you talk to them, you hold them, you say this over and over, and they still do it,” she told The Post.
This week, Mayor Eric Adams initiated a four-day tour to the south of the US border with the aim of discouraging the ongoing influx of migrants to New York City. The city is estimated to face potential costs of up to 12 billion dollars by 2025 due to this situation.
According to the New York Post, in recent months, Adams has advocated for the revision of the city’s universal “right to shelter” policy and has implemented 30-day limits on the duration of stays for adult migrants at city-operated shelters.
An official from the Administration for Children’s Services has stated that they are collaborating with various city agencies to ensure that migrant families receive the necessary support to safely care for their children.
When queried about whether the MTA (Metropolitan Transportation Authority) is taking any measures to deter young migrants from vending in the subways, an MTA spokesperson declined to provide a response.

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