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MUMBAI: A 4-year-old girl died after falling off the fourth floor of a building in Virar on Tuesday morning. It is believed that Darshini Salian woke up just after her parents had stepped out of the house, and on not finding anyone at home came to the window from where she keeled over. The grieving parents have donated her eyes.
The family lives on rent in the newly constructed 19-storey Bachraj Lifespace at Y K Nagar, Virar (W). Around 7.30am, when Darshini was fast asleep, her mother Mani left home on her scooter to drop her husband Suresh at Virar railway station. They as sumed Mani would return before Darshini woke up.
When the mother returned to the building some 30 minutes later, she found a crowd gathered in the compound. Darshini was lying there in a pool of blood. She was taken to a hospital where she was pronounced ‘brought dead’.
The police said the parents have claimed the girl might have woken up and, on not finding her parents at home, may have climbed onto the bed placed beside the window, slid open the glass and leaned out. “This is when she possibly lost her balance and fell off,” an officer quoted the parents as saying.
Girl was left at home after earlier mishap on scooter
The window of the newly constructed building does not have any grille. Though the couple had moved in about a year ago, they had not got a grille installed. The Salians told the police that until a few weeks ago, they would take Darshini to the station. This changed recently after Darshini fell off the scooter after a mishap with a rickshaw. Since then, the couple were apprehensive of taking the child along. They would then wake up Darshini and make her sleep on a sofa at the building entrance with the security guard keeping watch.
An accidental death report has been filed. The police have urged parents not to leave children unattended and to watch out for open balconies and windows in buildings.

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