Mummified Man: Stoneman Willie buried after 128 years as James Murphy

The town of Reading, Pennsylvania, has finally laid to rest its most enigmatic resident – a mummified man known as “Stoneman Willie. “‘
In recent days, crowds of curious onlookers gathered to pay their respects, capture photographs, or simply marvel at a scene that is unlikely to ever be repeated in the United States.
The story of “Stoneman Willie” dates back to 1895 when an alleged thief, who had given a false name, passed away in jail.His body went unclaimed and was taken to the Theo C. Auman Funeral Home, where a bizarre turn of events unfolded – he was accidentally mummified by the undertakers.
“Fast forward 128 years, and he’s still here,” the report by AP quoted Kyle Blankenbiller, the funeral home director, ahead of the burial.

During the interment ceremony, a crowd gathered under overcast skies, encircling Willie’s black tombstone at a local cemetery to bid their final farewell.
However according to the report, Willie’s true identity was unveiled during the ceremony. He was revealed to have been named James Murphy, and his gravestone now bears both names, with his real name in small print at the bottom.

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