‘My thoughts are with those…’: President Biden brings up Gaza, Sudan in Eid message

WASHINGTON: US President Joe Biden extended his wishes to Muslims across the world on the occasion of Eid al-Fitr while also reflecting on the ongoing conflict and displacement in Gaza, and Sudan.
Taking to his official X handle, Biden posted, “As Muslim families and communities come together for Eid al-Fitr, they are also reflecting on the pain felt by so many.My thoughts are with those around the world enduring conflict, hunger, and displacement, including in places such as Gaza and Sudan.”
“Now is the time to recommit to the work of building peace and standing for the dignity of all,” he said.
Meanwhile, the Biden-Harris administration on Wednesday extended wishes to Muslims across the country as well as the world on the occasion of Eid al-Fitr.
The White House posted on its official X handle, “The Biden-Harris Administration wishes Muslims across the country and around the world a blessed Eid al-Fitr.”
“Eid Mubarak!” the post read.
Eid ul-Fitr is celebrated on the first day of Shawwal, the 10th month of the Islamic lunar calendar. The festival is of great significance due to the moon sighting, which has been part of Islamic culture for a long time.
It is believed that Prophet Muhammad used to wait for news of sightings of the crescent moon as it indicated the beginning of a new month.
Ending the holy month of Ramzan and starting a new spiritual journey also marks the beginning of a new Islamic year. Eid-ul-Fitr marks the month-long Ramzan fasting and the beginning of Shawwal which is the tenth month per the Islamic calendar.
Since the observance of the moon is essential for ending Ramzan month and celebrating Eid, it is celebrated in different parts on different days usually with a one-day difference.
Earlier today, UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, also greeted the Muslims in the country and across the world on the occasion of Eid.
Wishing “Eid Mubarak to Muslims celebrating across the UK,” Sunak, in a video message, thanked people from the community for their contribution across many fields in the nation.
“After the long month of fasting, I wish you all the joy of this festival that brings people together for thanks and reflection. And at this special time, I want to say an enormous thank you, not just for your contribution in so many different fields, from the NHS to business, politics and the armed forces, but for your generosity, hard work, commitment to service, and for your compassion to those in need,” Sunak said in the personalised video that he shared on his official X handle.
He said the UK was also working towards ensuring that the British Muslims felt secure in the country.
“Here in the UK also, we’re working to make British Muslims feel secure and tackle sickening and utterly unacceptable hatred. That’s why we’ve committed over £29 million every year for the next four years, to help protect the mosques, faith schools and community venues,” Sunak said.
“But for now, as people gather together to pray and spend time visiting family and friends, I simply want to wish you and Muslims around the world a blessed and peaceful Eid,” he added.

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