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Our recent exploration of the OnePlus 12 left us thoroughly impressed. However, this stellar device isn’t the only jewel in OnePlus’s crown for the first quarter of 2024. The brand has graciously provided us with an opportunity to experience their “other flagship,” the OnePlus 12R.

The OnePlus 12R remains a powerhouse, brimming with impressive specifications, yet it introduces some compromises to align with its appealing $500 price tag. Join us as we delve into the nuances of the OnePlus 12R in our comprehensive review.


The industrial build of the OnePlus 12R is very reminiscent of recent phones by OnePlus. It immediately evokes similarities to both the latest 12 and 11 from last year. You have a kindred design from the slightly curved 6.8-inch curved screen on the front all the way to the large circular camera module on the rear. The 12 and 12R are so similar that cases kinda work on both. The camera lens is slightly off center on the 12R, but it’s still a decent fit.

The screen is the showcase of the OnePlus 12R. You get the same AMOLED panel capable of 4,500 nits as the OnePlus 12. It also has a full 120Hz refresh rate and LTPO4 tech as well. This allows the brightness to ramp up and down based off content being shown. High brightness maxes out at 1,600 nits, but HDR is featured at the extreme 4,500 nits.

Internally, this is essentially a repackaged OnePlus 11 with some updates. You have the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 CPU paired with up to 16GB of RAM and 256GB of storage. You can also get the new Cryo-velocity VC cooling system found in the OnePlus 12 with the 12R. It also shares the 120Hz ProXDR display, ramped down to 1.5K resolution instead of 2K.


As we discussed in the OnePlus 12, and even the 11 review from last year, this is a phone maker that never holds back with horsepower. The OnePlus 12R is on par with any smartphone you pick up these days and will excel over most of them. Transitions and app launches are smooth as butter. Even gaming doesn’t slow this device down.

I can’t imagine anything you can throw at the OnePlus 12R to make it stutter after using it the last few weeks. While it contains some of last year’s chipsets, it doesn’t hold the phone back in the least. Again, at the price point, if you can manage with the few compromises versus the OnePlus 12, it’s a fantastic value.


The OnePlus 12R camera doesn’t have the same Hasselblad partnership as their top-tier units, but I can’t help but believe that relationship has still helped shape the photos on this device as well. Just because Hasselblad may not have direct input on the OnePlus 12, the shared engineering over that partnership has helped OnePlus improve performance in all its devices.

Hardware wise, you get a good compliment of sensors that perform well. This includes a 50MP Sony IMX890 main sensor capable of f/1.8 aperture and optical image stabilization. In addition, you get a 2MP macro sensor and an 8MP 112-degree Ultra-wide. These all add up to a pretty solid array of camera prowess.

Look, final shots aren’t in the same quality as the higher-end OnePlus 12, but the results are still solid for the price tag of the 12R. I’ve been surprised on, even without the Hasselblad partnership on the OnePlus 12R, the output has been generally positive. There are some low-light or busy environments that trip it up in comparison, but overall I have little complaints.


There’s little to talk about new in the software department of the OnePlus 12R from our previous 12 review. It’s running OxygenOS version 14. This is built atop Android 14 and has its critics and I assume some fans.

As a summary from past impressions, I personally find the additions over the existing Android software can be overwhelming. Specifically, in the busy shade tiles and menu settings. OxygenOS is very akin to the Samsung experience. If you’re used to it, you won’t be bothered. If you know how much it buries and repositions basic menu items, you will find it frustrating.

Battery life

The OnePlus 12R borrows from its nicer sibling with a massive battery pack. With a whopping 5,500mAh, you should have zero issues with endurance. Even with more intensive apps like gaming, I see well over six hours of screen time. You can even push this to two full days without reaching for a charger with lighter usage.

Unfortunately, charging is a mixed bag for a modern smartphone like the OnePlus 12R. Yes, it’s the more budget friendly model. Yes, it still has superfast 100W wired charging via SUPERVOOC included in the box. But, damn it, just put Qi in this thing.

OnePlus has been overly stubborn with including wireless charging in its devices and I hoped with the return of this in the OnePlus 12, that it would expand to other devices. I can understand not including the AIRVOOC super-charged variant, but not having standard 5-15 volt Qi is a missed opportunity.

Here’s the thing, with the fast charging available in this phone, you can easily top off when needed. However, when Google finally packed Qi into the a-series and Samsung and Apple have it in various of their budget models, it’s time for OnePlus to step to the plate. If it carries the same name as your flagship like the 12/12R then it needs this feature. Period.


OnePlus made its bones in the mobile space by offering a solid Android phone at an undeniable value. The OnePlus 12R returns to this ethos in the truest form we’ve seen from the company in years. At $500 retail, and the $100 launch trade-in any device promotion, you can’t miss with this phone. If you can do without the Qi-charging, the OnePlus 12R is the best bang-for-your-buck Android device you can buy right now.

This base price of $500 is available only in the Iron Gray edition like our review unit with the 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. You can jump the price to $600 for the 16GB/256GB in the sleek alternative of Cool Blue or the Iron Gray. Retail pre-order partners include Amazon and Best Buy, and of course OnePlus direct. Shipments should arrive at doorsteps just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Purchase the OnePlus 12R from

Purchase the OnePlus 12R from

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