Paige DeSorbo on styling your Valentine’s Day outfit, spring fashion and more

What are Paige DeSorbo’s thoughts on Valentine’s Day? What will land in her spring wardrobe? We caught up with her to find out.

“Good Morning America” sat down with DeSorbo last week at Kendra Scott’s Valentine’s Casino Night, benefiting Bottomless Closet in New York City.

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Kendra Scott

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“I’m a firm believer that girls don’t have to gift gifts on Valentine’s Day,” DeSorbo said. “It’s our day to receive gifts.”

Gift-givers “can’t go wrong with jewelry, chocolate, flowers or all three,” she added.

And why not treat yourself? DeSorbo said she’s gifted herself some great pieces: “I just bought myself this red Coperni bag and I die for it.”

Plus, Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be solely for partners and significant others, she said. “My dad always sends me a gift for Valentine’s Day and I haven’t lived at home in 10 years,” DeSorbo said, adding that he sends her a card and chocolate every year.

“And that set the tone of me buying myself gifts and not waiting for any man,” she said.

On Valentine’s Day

Because Valentine’s Day can be a polarizing holiday, “GMA” asked DeSorbo to share advice for those who don’t love to celebrate.

“When I was single, every single year on Valentine’s Day I would go out to dinner with my girlfriends. And we still do a Galentine’s Day-type thing that week,” she said. “I think the best thing is to put on your hottest outfit and go out with your girlfriends. Because something’s bound to happen.”

This year, DeSorbo said she’ll be busy with New York Fashion Week on Valentine’s Day: “I feel so bad for Craig [Conover],” her boyfriend, she added.

On spring fashion

Among other trends, DeSorbo said she’s particularly excited for tweed fabrics and mini skirts worn with knee socks. “I’m also liking underwear showing above your mini skirt,” she said.

For those torn between buying into trendy pieces or classic ones, DeSorbo said she, too, falls somewhere in the middle.

“My best advice is [to not] get stressed out about it,” she said. Simply, “if you see a coat that you know you’ll wear forever,” she said, then “buy it.”

DeSorbo added that she will invest more money into staple wardrobe pieces but finds fun in trying out trends, too. For that, she’ll find budget-friendly options.

“Whether it’s adding a red shoe or adding a headband or jewelry to feel like I’m not breaking the bank but still participating,” she said.


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“Fashion is whatever you want it to be,” she added.

On fashion and confidence

Whether something is “in fashion” or not, if you feel good in it, “who cares,” DeSorbo said. “Wear it.”

You can always give yourself a pep talk, too, she added: “Stand in the mirror and tell yourself you’re that girl. Or call me, and I’ll give you a confidence boost.”

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