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NEW DELHI: The violence unleashed by the Hamas-Israel conflict has claimed at least 1,600 lives so far as the war entered its fourth day.
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Israel saw gun battles in the streets of its own towns for the first time in decades and neighborhoods in Gaza were reduced to rubble. Hamas also escalated the conflict, pledging to kill captured Israelis if strikes targeted civilians without warning.
The war has prompted international declarations of support for Israel after a devastating weekend attack by Hamas, and appeals for an end to the fighting and protection of civilians.
Here are the top developments on the Hamas-Israel conflict:
Israel retakes control of Gaza fence
Israel has retaken control of the Gaza border fence breached by Palestinian Hamas gunmen who carried out a weekend mass-incursion, and is planting mines in the parts where the barrier was toppled, the chief military spokesperson said on Tuesday.
In remarks aired by Israel’s Army Radio, Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari said there had been no new infiltrations from Gaza since Monday. In an apparent response to rumours that gunmen used cross-border tunnels, he said the military had no such findings.

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1,500 bodies of Hamas militants found in Israel
Israel’s military said about 1,500 bodies of Hamas militants were found in Israeli territory as, as it said it had largely gained control in the country’s south and “restored full control” over the border on the fourth day of fighting following an unprecedented surprise attack.
Spokesperson Richard Hecht said no Hamas fighters have crossed into Israel since last night, although infiltrations could still be possible. Israel has previously reported 900 soldiers and civilians killed, and Palestinian authorities have reported about 700 deaths in Gaza and the West Bank.

Israel mobilizes 3 lakh reservists
Israeli warplanes pounded downtown Gaza City, home to Hamas’ centers of government, with relentless bombardments into early Tuesday, after Israel’s prime minister vowed retaliation against the Islamic militant group that would “reverberate for generations.”
Israel said that Hamas and other militant groups in Gaza are holding more than 150 soldiers and civilians snatched from inside Israel after the attack caught its vaunted military and intelligence apparatus completely off guard.
As the Israeli military activated 300,000 reservists in a massive mobilization, a major question was whether it will launch a ground assault into the tiny Mediterranean coastal territory. The last ground assault was in 2014.
Hamas threatens to kill captives if Israel strikes civilians
The Islamist militant Hamas movement threatened to execute an Israeli captive every time Israel bombs a Palestinian home without warning.
The violence, which has claimed more than 1,500 lives, prompted international declarations of support for Israel after a devastating weekend attack by Hamas, and appeals for an end to the fighting and protection of civilians.

‘Gaza’s parliament and civilian ministries are legitimate targets’
Israel’s military spokesperson said Gaza’s parliament and civilian ministries were legitimate targets in its offensive against Hamas.
Spokesperson Richard Hecht also said that because Israel’s air force is stretched thin, there might not be the same “level of fidelity” in warning targets before strikes. Asked if Israel considered Hamas’ civil government, such as parliament and ministries, legitimate targets, Hecht said “if there’s a gunman firing rockets from there, it turns into a military target.”
Security tightened around Israel embassy, Chabad House
The Delhi Police has beefed up security around the Israeli embassy and Chabad House here in the wake of the Israel-Hamas conflict, an official said.
The local police stationed around the embassy in New Delhi and Chabad House, located in Chandni Chowk in central Delhi, has been directed to maintain a tight vigil, he said on Tuesday.
The officer added that authorities have directed to increase the vigil around both the installations.
US, France, Germany, Italy, UK will help Israel ‘defend itself’
The leaders of the United States, France, Germany, Italy and Britain pledged in a joint statement Monday to “support Israel in its efforts to defend itself” after the surprise attacks by militant group Hamas.
They added that they “recognize the legitimate aspirations of the Palestinian people” but said Hamas “offers nothing for the Palestinian people other than more terror and bloodshed,” in the statement released by the White House.
Airlines halt flights in and out of Israel
Major airlines have suspended flights in and out of Israel after the nation declared war following a massive attack by Hamas.
Scores of arriving and departing flights at Ben Gurion were cancelled or delayed, according to the airport’s online flight board, which also showed a steady trickle of flights. Most were operated by Israel’s national airline El Al along with others by regional carriers like Turkey’s Pegasus Airlines and Greece’s Blue Bird Airways.
American Airlines, United Airlines and Delta Air Lines suspended service as the US State Department issued travel advisories for the region citing potential for terrorism and civil unrest.
American suspended service to Tel Aviv through Friday. The airline said that it has issued a travel alert providing additional flexibility for customers whose travel plans are impacted.

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