Pantaloons increases focus on office wear with new ‘Workdrobe’ campaign and collection

Womenswear brand Pantaloons has expanded its product offering by launching ‘Workdrobe’ as an office wear clothing line and campaign. Workdrobe is designed to uplift women professionals with versatile garments which can be worn in the office and beyond. 

A look from Pantaloons’ ‘Workdrobe’ line – Pantaloons- Facebook

“Explore the all new ‘Workdrobe’ collection only at a Pantaloons store near you,” announced Pantaloons on Facebook, sharing that the collection is also available on its direct-to-customer e-commerce store. The brand has also launched its ‘Workdrobe’ campaign across its social media platforms including Facebook and Instagram
“The nature of work and workwear has evolved drastically over time,” said Pantaloons’ CEO Sangeeta Pendurkar, Indian Retailer Bureau reported. “Office goers now bring their unique personalities to work and represent themselves, confidently and authentically in all that they do. The ‘Workdrobe’ campaign encourages authenticity, creativity, and self-expression, reflecting the modern woman’s diverse interests and fashion choices.”

Consumer interest in work wear has increased recently following a downturn during the Covid-19 lockdowns. Pantaloons aims to engage women professionals of all ages with its campaign, which it created with creative services business Chalk and Chini. 
 “In a world full of ‘shoulds’ and ‘musts’, our muse for the campaign chooses ‘can’ and ‘will’,” said Chalk and Chini’s founder and strategist Isha Sahu about the campaign. “Confidence is her fashion, and she wears it boldly in her own unique way that works for her. With ‘Workdrobe’, we have tried to put the spotlight on this woman as she extends her individuality to her workplace with an authentic flair.”

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