Part Two Has Already Made More Money Than Dune At The Box Office

A percentage of that re-release money could rightfully be attributed to “Part Two,” as audiences were clearly eager to see what Villeneuve cooked up. It certainly doesn’t hurt that Timothee Chalamet has only become a bigger star in the years since the first film came out. “Wonka” is still pulling in money even now, after passing the $600 million mark earlier this year. Make no mistake, Chalamet is now a movie star capable of drawing a crowd. The same could be said for his co-star Zendaya, as well as Florence Pugh and Austin Butler. Villeneuve’s stellar ensemble cast is owed a lot of credit here.

As for a third film, Villeneuve has been clear about his desire to adapt “Dune Messiah,” Herbert’s second book in the series. There is, however, a time jump between the books, so the director could/should probably wait a few years before diving back into the sands of Arrakis. That would give him some time to squeeze in another project while the cast ages up. He’s probably going to have a blank check (within reason) to do whatever he wants next — sort of like how James Wan made “Malignant” between “Aquaman” and “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.”

Looking ahead, at the rate we’re going, “Dune 2” should easily cross $600 million globally before all’s said and done. Even with its $190 million budget, that’s more than enough to satisfy Warner Bros. and Legendary. It’s really more of a matter of if, not when, they officially announce “Messiah.” The Spice must flow.

“Dune: Part Two” is in theaters now.

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