Pepperfry launches Career Reboot Program to empower women

Homeware, accessories, and lifestyle brand Pepperfry has launched a ‘Career Reboot Program’ with the aim of enabling women to reenter the workforce following a career break of more than one year. The Career Reboot Program is part of Pepperfry’s diversity and inclusivity work and offers women part-time employment in select stores. 

Pepperfry aims to help women reenter the workforce with its new initiative – Pepperfry- Facebook

“We believe in the power of diversity and understand the value that women bring to the workplace,” said Pepperfry’s chief activation officer Hussaine Kesury in a press release. “The Career Reboot Program is our way of providing a supportive and inclusive environment for women who have taken a career break to re-enter the workforce with confidence. At Pepperfry, we believe that diverse perspectives drive innovation and success, and the Career Reboot Program reflects our dedication to creating an enriching and fulfilling work experience for every woman seeking to reignite her career path.”
The program is tailored to homemakers, new mothers, and other women returning to work from career breaks. The business aims to recruit ‘Part-Time Home Consultants’ for its stores in locations including Mumbai, Delhi, and Bengaluru with flexible work schedules to enable the women to manage their other commitments. 

“At Pepperfry, we want to provide a platform for women to showcase their talents and skills, regardless of the career gap they may have experienced,” said the brand’s head of human resources Joee De Choudhury. “The Career Reboot Program is a testament to our commitment to creating opportunities and fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace.”

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