Thursday, September 29, 2022
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Police warn parents about ‘school photo’ trend of oversharing on social media

Police: As students adjust to returning to school this fall, law enforcement members and online safety experts are reminding parents to be cautious about the information they share on social media. It may give predators access to children and scammers access to personal information.

“We’re not saying not to share,” Deputy Sheriff Tim Creighton of the McHenry County Sheriff’s Office in Woodstock, Illinois, recently told Fox News Digital.

“I have people to this day on my feeds. They are sharing way too much information.”

“Less is better,” he said. “Your close friends and family know the important details about your kids, such as the town they live in, the school they go to, their full name. Strangers don’t need to know that.”

Last month, the McHenry County Sheriff’s Police Office shared a viral Facebook photo of Creighton demonstrating exactly what he means. He held up a sign meant to celebrate the first day of school — one that shared far too much personal information.



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