Pro Bowl Games Blog: Flag football goes into the 4th quarter after NFC win Tug of War

Diving into the event details, the Madden NFL head-to-head, hosted by EA Sports, features a two-on-two matchup showcasing players from both conferences deploying the 2024 Pro Bowl Games rosters. The Gridiron Gauntlet offers a full-field obstacle course relay race, with six AFC and NFC players vying for supremacy. A new addition to this year’s lineup is Tug-of-War, pitting five players from each conference against one another in a test of strength and strategy.

The intensity continues with Move the Chains, an event exclusively for offensive and defensive linemen. In this grueling competition, two five-man teams must collectively move 3,000 pounds of weight off a 2,000-pound wall and then be the first to pull that wall across the finish line. The Pro Bowl Games reach its climax with a flag football matchup between the AFC and NFC, adding a dynamic and entertaining finale to this spectacular event. As the points accumulate from these diverse competitions, the 2024 Pro Bowl Games will ultimately crown one conference as the undisputed champion. The day is sure to be filled with fun and football to get all NFL fans ready for Super Bowl week and the culmination of the NFL season.

The 2024 Pro Bowl Games are well underway from Camping World Stadium in Orlando, FL with the events kicking off at 3pm ET. The NFC, led by Baker Mayfield, has seized a 12-6 lead over the AFC after the initial events. Mayfield’s victory in the precision passing challenge on Thursday set the tone for the NFC’s dominance. As the revamped Pro Bowl enters its second year in Orlando, the two-day extravaganza, commencing on Thursday and concluding on Sunday, promises thrilling matchups. The pinnacle of the festivities will be the 7-on-7 flag football game between NFC and AFC Pro Bowlers, determining the ultimate winner based on the total points earned throughout the various competitions.

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