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Putin ally warns US ‘within range’ of Russia’s nukes as WW3 tensions explode

Russian President Vladimir Putin gestures during his meeting his supporters at the Grand Kremlin Palace, March 18,2024, in Moscow, Russia. Following the re-election of Valdimir Putin for the fifth tern last weekend, he met with about 400 officially registred public supporters and local celebrities.

An ally of Vladimir Putin, Mikhail Sheremet, has issued a warning that Russia’s weapons can reach the US. This comes as rising tensions have sparked fears of a third World War.

Sheremet, a member of the ruling United Russia party and a State Duma deputy, highlighted Russia’s missile capabilities amidst escalating conflicts between Moscow and Washington over the war in Ukraine.

This comes after comments from Jack Reed, who heads the Senate Armed Services Committee for the Rhode Island Democrats. Reed affirmed that the US would keep supplying weapons to Ukraine.

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He added: “Then next year, 2025, has to be again, another offensive operation, which hopefully gets them to the point where they really fully cover Crimea with fire.”

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As reported by Newsweek, Sheremet responded: “Russia is ready to respond to any challenges, Russia has enough forces, means and capabilities, considering that today Russia is a high-tech and nuclear power.”

In a daunting message for Reed, he continued: “Let this senator come personally, he is a coward and a scoundrel, who will neither go himself nor send his children to the army but will push other people to bloodshed.”

“He is a threat to Americans themselves. He should remember that modern Russia is not a prey, Russia itself can defend and protect its interests. Both the US and the territories that the senator himself represents are within the range of its weapons.”

“I am sure that the escalation of the situation and the construction of an unconstructive policy will have a very serious impact on the standard of living and further prosperity of the US itself.”

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin reassured European leaders, saying: “The United States will not let Ukraine fail. This coalition will not let Ukraine fail. And the free world will not let Ukraine fail.”

Threats similar to Sheremet’s have been made by Putin allies before.

Dmitry Medvedev, Putin’s former right-hand man and also former Russian President, warned in February that Russia could strike London, Washington DC and Berlin with nuclear missiles.

He said: “Hear me out. It will be totally different. The collapse of Russia will have far worse consequences than the outcome of a conventional, even long-term war.”

“Because attempting to return Russia to its 1991 borders will only lead to one outcome. To a global war with Western countries, utilising our entire strategic arsenal. In Kyiv, Berlin, London, and Washington.”

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