Quick Style: We’d love to dance with the people who love us: The Quick Style

From their viral dance video on the song Leke Pehla Pehla Pyar to their effortless moves to Jehda Nasha and Kala Chashma, Norwegian dance group The Quick Style certainly occupies a huge space in the hearts of many Indians. The same was evident on Friday when the group, who was in Pune for a performance as a part of their India tour, was greeted by a huge crowd that was gathered to witness them perform live.
“We love the rhythm and beats of Indian music. There’s spice in the music as well which is simply electrifying.” — Yasin Tatby, co-founder of the group

The dance troupe performed on a number of Hindi and Punjabi songs

Founded by Nasir Sirikhan along with twin brothers Suleman and Bilal Malik, members of the dance crew come from varied backgrounds and bring their own individuality when it comes to their choice of music and dance. Be it hip-hop, Bollywood, Pakistani or even Persian music, the group performs a medley of songs with suave moves, irresistible charisma and affable chemistry. Speaking about their fan base in India, Bilal Malik said, “Coming from a place where there are more than 50 lakh people to a country like India where the population is more than 140 crores is amazing and it’s great to have so many people support us.
“We are so humble and thankful for the journey we’ve had for the past year. It all started quickly but we are happy to share what we have been practising for the past 20 years or more.” — Nasir Sirikhan, co-founder of the group

The group also danced on Kala Chashma toward the end of their performance

“This year has been super crazy for us. We are ordinary people and we are easy-going. But, to come here and feel all this love is huge. We also made two new dance choreographies, especially for the Pune audience.” — Bilal Malik
The group is always dressed fashionably in unmissable outfits and coloured sunglasses which has almost become their personal style statement. To this, co-founder Nasir told us, “We are dancers but at the same time we are also very interested in fashion and travelling. We see a lot of designs and styles everywhere and it inspires us. Having co-ordinated formal outfits happened naturally with our wedding dance video that went viral in 2022. After that, we just rolled with it.”

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