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REPORT: Fast and Furious Franchise Has a New Movie Script in the Works

Amid seemingly significant changes to the Fast & Furious film franchise following Fast X, a new report claims a fresh movie script is being penned for the action-packed series.

According to notable Hollywood insider Jeff Sneider, Fast X writer Zach Dean is working on a new script for the Fast and Furious franchise. However, it’s unclear whether the script is the latest for Fast X: Part 2, the upcoming Luke Hobbs spinoff movie starring Dwayne Johnson, or an entirely new Fast & Furious film that sees the franchise move on from Vin Diesel’s central character, Dominic Toretto, and his family.

Sneider stated Universal Pictures has been mining the most recent script draft for Fast X: Part 2 by Oren Uziel and Christina Hodson, with the studio finding “a lot of good stuff in there” when reviewing it. However, Universal doesn’t consider Fast X: Part 2 the priority right now, as they’re focused on developing the Hobbs spinoff, which is set between Fast X and the upcoming 11th Fast and Furious installment. Chris Hudson, who wrote 2009’s Fast and Furious, is the scribe for the Hobbs movie.

What’s Happening With Fast X: Part 2?

News about Dean’s new script for the Fast and Furious franchise comes amid major planned shifts for Fast X: Part 2. In January, it was reported the Fast and Furious film series would go “back to basics” with the next sequel and return to its street racing roots, with a budget considerably lower than the $340 million it cost to make Fast X. However, a potential sticking point is the possibility Jason Momoa won’t return to play chief antagonist Dante Reyes and could be killed off in the Hobbs film to make way for a new villain. Momoa’s performance was considered by many to be Fast X‘s high point, though it’s been reported Universal executives found Dante not to be family-friendly and too extreme for the franchise.

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